My Path

The journey began

Since a young age my inner voice took me on a journey to find ‘inner happiness and calm’, knowing I can find it.

Early on, my spiritual path led me to meditation; over the years I acquired different techniques and saw the changes within me. 

When I stumbled across my first Ashtanga Yoga class the pieces fell together, and since nearly 20 years I am walking the yogic path.

Meditation showed me the entrance to my home, Yoga. 

Through Yoga I've learned about the inner facets of my being, and I believe from my life experiences and long time work as a yoga teacher, that we can all find a way to a more fulfilling life and greater freedom through yoga, by being open and curious and not shying away from emotions. 

My Experience

I am teaching yoga over 15 years. I lived in Mysore India for a year to study with my teachers the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (†2009) and his grandson Sharath Jois. I regularly return to Mysore to study and to be inspired. I am a Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Teacher from KPJAYI Mysore, India and have a diploma in Yoga Anatomy. I am trained as a Yoga Therapist CNHC and Yoga Nidra teacher and I'm registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK. 

CNHC Yoga Alliance Professionals KPJAYI - teachers

Yoga is the journey of the self…

through the self to the self.


my philsophy

Yoga works like a mirror, on our yoga mat our personality is being reflected, with all the good and bad. As a yoga teacher I support each student in their own process of healing through encouragement, challenge and allowing space. I always try to inspire students to follow their inner voice to experience their full potential.

A regular yoga practice is reflecting our patterns over and over again, until we acknowledge them and can leave them behind us.

Yoga does not only lead to a healthier lifestyle but also fulfils the desire of inner freedom.

Yoga Creation &
Yoga Therapy Works

In 2010 I fulfilled a long-desired wish and opened my own yoga studio in London ‘Yoga Creation’. 

With a team of wonderful yoga teachers we built an oasis, which allows our students to feel welcomed. There is space for students to grow and to find support, where each student can walk the path of self-healing within a supported environment.

Yoga Creation London 

One of my goals as a yoga teacher is to reach people who can’t join a yoga group class. I want to make yoga accessible to everyone, which led me to train as a Yoga Therapist (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered). As a yoga therapist I work with people mainly one to one. 

Yoga Therapy is the adaption of yoga practises for people with health challenges. By integrating the mind and body, balance can be restored to the physical, physiological and mental/emotional system. Therapist analyses and addresses the needs taking into account physical, energetic, mental emotional and spiritual aspects.

Yoga Therapy Works


Catherine actively takes an interest in each student and their well-being. Catherine treats everyone as an individual and cares about everyone’s progress...

My teacher is Catherine and she teaches with calmness and attention to each individual. With her example and belief in me, my practice has improved on both a physical and spiritual level. This is a journey...

To conclude I`m well and truly hooked on Ashtanga and blame Catherine completely for it. But such a great teacher who I`m sure will hook many more along the way as she has me...

Since studying with her my yoga practice has been transformed. Catherine’s deep knowledge of the technical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga combines with an intuitive understanding of the body to make even the most challenging poses accessible. My tight hips and back have learnt to surrender into full backbends and even headstand...

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