How does
Mysore Style work?


Mysore Style is the traditional practice method of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois† his daughter Saraswathi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois in Mysore, South India. In this form of practice, each person goes through the set sequence of poses at his or her individual pace, in harmony with the rhythm of their own breath. Working independently the practitioner shifts their focus within, resulting in a practice that is at once dynamic and meditatively still.

One-to-one assistance, adjustment and tuition are given by an authorised ashtanga teacher within this group context and students are introduced to new postures as and when they are ready. This style of teaching makes Ashtanga accessible to all levels of students.

The collective breath makes the room come alive, helping to support each person at whatever level they may be in their practice.

You start your practice at a time that suits you, but try to start not later than 7.30am. The teacher is there from 6.30am, make sure you finish your practice by 8.45am.

The sequences in Ashtanga Yoga are fix and don't change. There are 6 series.
You always start with the sun salutations A&B, followed by the standing sequence and then move into the series. After backbending you do the finishing sequence.

You should know the sequence by heart, but of course you can always ask the teacher or look it up if necessary. 


The execution

Each posture is build on the previous one. Once you master a posture the teacher will move you on to the next one, until you are able to do the full series. After that you will be moved on to the next series. Primary series is already demanding and requests a certain dedication towards the practice. So be patient with your body and let the practice grow on you, and you will experience a happier and better life.

Fridays we do a primary series led class, counted in Sanskrit. Which will help you to keep the pace, flow and energy up and you'll start to understand the breath in the Asanas and Vinyasas.

The beauty about the Mysore Style is that each student works independently at his/her own individual pace/breath and level within the group. The teacher is always available and will work with you on your difficulties one to one. 

Moon days…

In Mysore Style tradition, new moon days and full moon days are days of rest for Ashtanga Mysore Style practitioners.

The human body, is affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. The positions of the moon creates an energetic experience that can be compared to the breath cycle. The full moon corresponds to the end of an inhalation where we feel energetic and emotional, but not well grounded. The new moon corresponds to the end of an exhalation where we feel calm and grounded, but not energetic or inclined to physical exertion.

It is said that because our energy is more strongly affected on these days, there is a greater risk of injury during practice. It is also said that injuries suffered on moon days take longer to heal.


do your practice…

and all is coming…


Authorisation / Certification
of Ashtanga Teachers

SRI K. PATTABHI JOIS ASHTANGA YOGA INSTITUTE KPJAYI in Mysore India is the only authority able to authorise or certify individuals to teach the ashtanga yoga method as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois† and Sharath Jois.

The list constitutes the official record of teachers approved by the KPJAYI.

Teachers that are listed on this website are experienced practitioners and dedicated students who have shown a considerable degree of proficiency and appreciation of ashtanga yoga in its traditional form and who continue to study regularly at the KPJAYI. 

Sri K Patthabi Jois and me
Sri K Patthabi Jois
Sharath and Sarasvati
Catherine in Mysore