Hi, I’m Catherine

Yoga teacher & Yoga therapist

Yoga is my life and I’d love to share this wonderful practice with you.

My teachings are authentic and from the heart. I want you to understand and experience the practice and make it real and practical, so you can feel the body-mind connection to improve your life.

Reading in Baddha Konasana

My journey

In my early years, I often experienced sadness, although there was no obvious reason for it. At the same time, I was driven by this inner urge to find freedom from being ruled by emotions. I always had this vision of me being able to sit in a chair for 24 hours and be content and happy without any external stimuli.
So I started looking for ways to find that truth.

Inspired by my aunt, I discovered spirituality in its many forms early in my life. I experienced the mystical, the blissful states and the practical side of it. Since my teenage years, meditation has been a significant part of my life. I always believed that the state of bliss needs to come from inside me, there is nothing around me that can get me there – there are no shortcuts.

A car crash led me to physical yoga

When I returned from New York, where I was studying dance,
I had a car crash and suffered from whiplash. For months I had to wear a neck brace, felt tired and could be active only a few hours a day. I started to withdraw and became depressed.

Thankfully meditation was already a part of my life. Through its practice I learned the facets of my being and my inner workings and the power of the mind. During my recovery I also became curious about the physical form of yoga and discovered Ashtanga yoga. With these tools I slowly found my way back again. It was an intense couple of years, but I feel lucky today about the lessons I learned because of it.

Engagement ceremony in Mysore India

 Ashtanga Yoga

In my search of a yoga class I encountered a bizarre few classes, as there were no yoga studios back then, nor was yoga a popular thing to do. When I stumbled into my first Ashtanga class, I was immediately hooked, I loved every aspect of it, and I just knew this was it, this is what I was meant to do. Ashtanga yoga has been a constant companion since then and I love what this practice teaches me.

I wanted to experience this style of yoga at its source, which led me to Mysore in India, where I studied with Sharath Jois and his late grandfather Patthabi Jois. Initially, I planned to stay for a few months, but soon enough, I knew I wanted to stay for a year to absorb this practice as deeply as possible. During the first month, I met my husband in Mysore as well. He quit his job in London, and together we lived, practised, and studied in Mysore for a year. You see me with a big smile in every photo of me from that year, it was an amazing year. We returned to this place many times after.

No two practices are the same

The asana practice works like a mirror for me. When I stand on my yoga mat, I don’t encounter the same practice as the day before. The state of mind and the physical body might feel different or the emotions. Even though we might do the same postures over and over again, there is always a new quality to discover, a new angle to observe.

On the yoga mat, our personality is reflected in our reactions, thoughts, and mindset, showing us the good and the bad. But over time, we can acknowledge our patterns and leave them behind us. This is such an exciting part of the practice. When we work with our physical body, we grow our awareness of subtleties, like energies and sensations, so we see ourselves more clearly and our surroundings. It is a life long journey.

Version of Pincha Mayurasana

Work with me

I support students in this process through encouragement, challenge, and holding space for self-exploration. I always try to inspire students to follow their inner voice to experience their full potential with a pinch of fun and laughter.

Private Yoga

Learn and improve asanas, get stronger and increase your resilience. Our sessions together are all designed around your personal needs.

Yoga Coaching

I support & guide you on your yogic journey. Learn what is holding you back and how to get out of your own way, so you can accomplish things you never even thought possible.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the adaption of yoga practises for any health challenges by integrating mind and body, we restore balance to the physical, physiological and mental/emotional system.

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Catherine Haylock Yoga

My Experience

I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years. I lived in Mysore, India, for a year to study with my teachers Sharath Jois and his late grandfather Patthabi Jois. I’ve regularly returned to Mysore to continue my studies and to feel inspired all over again. I’ve also trained in mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy and anatomy. 

I opened my own yoga studio in London in 2009 and taught daily Mysore classes, regular Ashtanga, Vinyasa classes next to various workshops, courses and gave talks on yoga. During the pandemic I had to close my studio. I now teach in various places in London, Switzerland and online.



“Since studying with Catherine my yoga practice has been transformed. She has deep knowledge of the technical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga combines with an intuitive understanding of the body to make even the most challenging poses accessible. My tight hips and back have learnt to surrender into full backbends and even headstand.” 

I`m well and truly hooked on Ashtanga and blame Catherine completely for it. But such a great teacher who I`m sure will hook many more along the way as she has me…”

“Catherine actively takes an interest in each student and their well-being. Catherine treats everyone as an individual and cares about everyone’s progress….” 

“Catherine is an inspirational teacher who infuses each of her classes with the perfect balance of sweat, fun, and joy.” 

“My teacher is Catherine and she teaches with calmness and attention to each individual. With her example and belief in me, my practice has improved on both a physical and spiritual level. This is a journey.”