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Be a fearless Yogi
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A home for your practice

Let’s come together a build an online community full of enthusiastic Yogis!
Deepen your yoga practice with this Ashtanga Yoga membership, with weekly and monthly classes, workshops on asanas, awareness, meditation, Q&As and talks about yoga.

Practising Ashtanga Yoga not only makes your body healthy, fit, flexible and strong, but you will also learn how to work with your mind to help you cope with life challenges.

In a strong body rests a strong mind.

Sounds familiar?

You used to practice regularly and then life got in the way.
Now you try to get back on the mat but always postpone it to tomorrow. Or you practised for a couple of weeks and gave up.

You feel uninspired with your practice and would like to dive deeper into it but don’t know how.

You signed up for online yoga platforms, and the volume of content is so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin.

You bought online yoga courses, which rest in your download folder, or you even forgot you purchased them.

Experience a place that keeps you connected to your yoga practice and reminds you of what is important in life.


Just imagine…

  • To feel strong in your body, to have more energy and joy
  • You have a community
  • You have a place where you can ask questions
  • You feel a connection to a teacher that supports you on your journey

This Ashtanga Yoga membership is for everyone who’s enthusiastic about yoga regardless of your age, flexibility, or physical abilities.


Ashtanga Yoga & Beyond Membership

A home for your practice.

What’s included

I’ll keep you inspired and motivated with weekly classes, monthly workshops and talks, keeping you connected to the practice.

Yoga on the mat keeps your body fit and healthy and will bring calm to your mind. You’ll feel good about yourself and will build self-discipline.

Monthly workshops about various topics will give you insights and bring more awareness to your practice and your life, along with practical tips that will help you on and off the mat.

Showing up for yourself and connecting with like-minded people is essential to your well-being and will reward you with feeling more settled within yourself.

01. weekly class

Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore Style class

We meet each Friday morning 6 am – 8 am UK time. 

Receive guidance and encouragement from me during your practice. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching.

Practise with like-minded people and feel the energy. Enjoy your day, as the practice will make you feel better.

You can use the zoom chat for any questions during the class.

If you need to leave earlier or are in a different time zone, you can start with your practice before and then join the class at 6 am.

02. monthly on weekends

Ashtanga Yoga class

open to all levels

This is a 90 min Ashtanga Yoga class where I will demonstrate the postures. A great way to learn Ashtanga Yoga sequence, and if you are already familiar with the primary series you have the chance to deepen your understanding and time to become aware of their subtleties of the postures.

We’ll explore the postures of the primary series, followed by backbends and inversions.This class is open to everyone, and I will provide modifications of postures so the practice is accessible to anyone.

After a rest (shavasana), we will come together for our monthly conference, where you can also ask questions.

Catherine Haylock Yoga

03. monthly on weekends

Talks | Q&As

This is the place to ask me any questions about yoga and your practice on and off the mat.

Topics are about asanas, mind-body connection and how to use our physical practice to overcome obstacles in our life. 

These sessions will happen after the open Ashtanga Yoga class.
You can also join the talk without the Ashtanga Yoga class beforehand.

One of our talks was about how to stay motivated with your yoga practice. You can download the workbook here.

04. monthly

Workshops | Masterclasses

Once a month, we meet and learn more about our bodies. In these workshops, we look at different types of asanas (postures): forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions.

You learn the benefits of asanas on the physical, energetic and emotional levels and how we can build up to more advanced asanas.
You’ll understand how our mind and body are intertwined in these movements.

In this community, you can also suggest what you want to deepen and work on.

Pincha Bakhasana
Pincha Bakhasana

05. library

Access to recorded videos

Workshops and conferences are recorded, and you can access them at any time on your membership dashboard.

Over time I will add classes which supplement your practice, and you can do besides your regular practice – topics like mobility, specific classes for opening shoulders and hips and more.

06. Community

Teacher student relationship

Having a relationship with a yoga teacher you trust can move your practice forward.

The different ways we can do yoga nowadays are so vast that we can get lost. Moreover, prerecorded yoga practice platforms, various courses and yoga classes with different teachers and yoga styles can prevent us from diving deeper into the practice, leaving our experience on the surface.

Having a yoga teacher you can connect with regularly can be a place where you return and regroup, a steadying place on your journey.

We support each other in this community, and every question is welcomed. It is always good to know you are not alone with struggles and obstacles to overcome.

Pincha Bakhasana

BONUS for members only

BONUS – lower price for Private Online Sessions

If you want personal feedback on aspects of your practice or to learn new postures.

Or want to learn drills and how to approach more advanced postures.

Or you have an injury and don’t know how to adjust your practice.

You can book an online private class with me.

As a member of this Ashtanga Yoga membership you will receive a discount of £30 off online privates: £65 instead of £95.

Become a member

In my membership you’ll get

  • LIVE WEEKLY Ashtanga Mysore class (value £80)
  • LIVE MONTHLY Ashtanga Yoga guided class (value £25)
  • LIVE MONTHLY Workshop | Masterclass (value £30)
  • LIVE MONTHLY  Talks | Q&As (value £25)
  • 24h Access to recorded classes (value £500)
  • Workbooks (£50)
  • Special member price for online privates
  • Direct Relationship with a Mentor Teacher value = Priceless 🤗

Total value = £710+ & Bonuses

Hi, I’m Catherine

Catherine Haylock Yoga
KPJAYI SYC Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Teacher
Yoga Therapist, recognised by C-IAYT and CNHC
Yoga Nidra Teacher
Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK
MA from SOAS University London in the ‘Traditions of Meditations and Yoga’

I was introduced to meditation early on in my life. I got introduced to TM (Transcendental Meditation), Vipassana, Buddhist meditations and other meditation and mindfulness practices. I was always drawn to the mystical and spiritual life.

I discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 1996, and Ashtanga has been part of my life ever since. I’ve been taught asanas, yoga philosophy and pranayama, and I soon started to teach for my teacher in Zurich, Switzerland. In those times, there were no yoga teacher trainings like we have today, everything gathered in one place. I had to acquire my knowledge from different sources and people.

In 2005 I made my first trip to Mysore, India and stayed there for a year to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois. After that, I regularly returned each year to deepen my practice and understanding of Ashtanga yoga.

While in Mysore, I met my husband and moved to London in 2007 to be with him.

In 2013 I started studying Yoga Therapy with Yoga Campus and am now a recognised yoga therapist.

A few years later, I passed my Master’s degree in ‘the Tradition of Yoga and Meditation, a subdepartment of Indian religion study at SOAS University London. Part of my study was the religions of Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Dhaoism.

I also have extensive training in anatomy, mindfulness and meditation.

Join if…

you want to dive deeper into yoga
you want to be held accountable
you want to improve your strength & flexibility
you want to find out the deeper layers of yoga
you need motivation and inspiration to practise
you want a connection with an experienced teacher


Not sure?

Send me an email and I am happy to chat about any concerns.


I’m new to Yoga or don’t know what Ashtanga Yoga is

If you are unsure if you have enough experience, book a discovery call and we can chat and get to know each other.

Is this Ashtanga Yoga membership right for me?

If you struggle to stay on your path, step on your mat, or don’t know how to grow on your spiritual path, this membership will give you some structure, guidance and motivation.
Consistency is the key to growth, on and off the mat and with this membership, I will help you, whether you are new to it or have years of experience.

If you are unsure and like to get to know me before deciding, you can have a chat. Click here and let me know your availabilty. I look forward to hearing from you.

How are the classes delivered?

You will access all classes and workshops through one portal. The classes and workshops are online and some of them will be recorded.

I have physical limitations; I am injured

This group is for everyone, regardless of age, flexibility, or physical abilities. I will provide modifications to postures so that everybody can access this beautiful practice.

Can I cancel my membership?

Your Ashtanga Yoga membership is monthly billing and you can cancel anytime. You will have the remeinder of the month and you won’t be billde for the next month.

Cancellation for founders: If you rejoin on a later date you will loose your founder’s rate.