Private Yoga

in East London & Online

We are all different and on a unique path


Want to master specific asanas? Understand the technique, and learn drills?


Want to develop your own pranayama or meditation practice?


Want to become stronger and more flexible?

I use a yoga therapeutic approach for:


Injuries or preparation for, or recover from an operation


Suffering from chronic pain or mental disturbances


To establish more functional breath and movement patterns

Learn and improve asanas, get stronger and increase your resilience. Our sessions together are all designed around your personal needs.

Pincha Bakhasana
In Udaipur India

How it works


Fill in a quick intake form so I know what you’d like to cover in our session and I can prepare the perfect private for you.  


I will send you an email with a choice of availablities and details how to connect and my cancellation policy.


All sessions are 1 hour long and over zoom. I will email you the zoom link latest a day before we meet.

What my students say

“When I move down to London in 2019 I attended my local yoga studio, where I met Catherine. At that time I was looking at changing my exercise regimen and yoga seemed like an interesting thing to try. I found Catherine to be a very motivational teacher, being both highly experienced and very approachable.

When the COVID lockdown happened I decided that I’d like to get more involved in learning yoga and asked Catherine to start giving me some ‘one to one’ coaching. That turned out to be one of my better ideas as she really helped with my understanding of the more technical aspects of the art: including, Ujjayi breathing, Bhandas and Kapalbhati pranayama. In addition I have a bad knee and Catherine was able to introduce exercises into our sessions to help strengthen the muscles around the joint. She is really very good at gently but firmly encouraging you to improve the quality of your practise and extend your range of movement.

In summary, Catherine is an outstanding yoga teacher. She is warm, focused, knowledgeable and very positive. I would recommend her unreservedly to both novices (like me) and experienced practitioners.”

— George Boulden

“I first met Catherine while attending her «Yoga for strength & balance» class. I immediately loved the energy and the rhythm of the class: it was intense, yet very fun, we had time to work on challenging asanas and Catherine’s explanations and tips were amazingly useful. So very quickly I started to take private lessons with her.

I have been taking 2 to 3 privates a week with Catherine for the past 8 months now. In this short period of time, I have learnt all kind of arm balances and became very comfortable with inversions. She also taught me handstand until I could hold it straight for 30seconds. Alongside these, she helped me improve my flexibility a lot: I can do the split and my back bends are much better and she made me build a lot of strength as we worked on advanced inversions/arm balances transitions.

Catherine has a solid Ashtanga background. Ashtanga is such an intense practice I cautiously stayed away from it for years… but, Catherine’s asana level and her mindset made me want to give it a go. So I asked her to introduce me to the World of Ashtanga and I loved it! Since then she has been guiding me through my ashtanga practice as well. Her insight, experience and knowledge just make it way easier for me to progress. I am now practising daily in a mysore style environment.
Catherine tips are gold: always very precise, it’s like she knows all the tricks. I guess through 20 years of daily self practice and teaching, she has seen it all!

The bonus of having such an experience teacher, is that she will know what and how to modify your practice if you have an injury, and what to do to improve your condition. I had chronic migraines when doing any back bends or lifting my head back, but these are completely gone now. I thought drop backs were not in the domain of the possible for me due to my neck… but it is absolutely not an issue anymore!

Practising with Catherine has completely changed my Yoga practice. It is now much more advanced, much more precise and the more intense the asana practice, the deeper is my internal journey. So she has changed my life completely. Well, Ashtanga did, but that’s on her!

I couldn’t recommend her more, she is a gift. She is fun, energetic, and she sees more in you than you will ever do. If you practice with her, you will do in a few months things you never even dreamed of, and your body will feel light, strong and pain free again. Every one who gets to practise with her is fortunate.”

— Marion Houlet

“I was unlucky to have a vertical impact from a pothole I hit on my motorbike. It left me with no movement without excruciating pain in my lower back, which also radiated into my legs as sciatica. An MRI showed that I had a chronic condition of the spondololytic spondylolistheses and foraminal narrowing and nerve roots impingement. Simply put, the acute pain was due to misalignment of my spine and the impact forced the disc to protrude, resulting in more compression. My only option from what I was told was injections and surgery to fuse the vertebrae, Catherine suggested yoga therapy instead. So I gave it a try.

Catherine helped me understand how to move safely during my daily life, set up my workplace (I am an artist/sculptor), lift things, and set myself up for sleep without pain. I became aware of my old movement patterns, which added to my chronic pain. We adjusted them, so I move more freely again. I developed a new understanding of my body and a deeper awareness of its responses. I learnt which movement to avoid initially until I got better.

Catherine gave me daily homework. With gentle yoga exercises, incredibly the pain started to subdue, and I was able to build up strength and mobility to support my lower back. Catherine developed a program for me, which I practise now whenever I feel my back could benefit from it.

She also worked with me on reducing my stress, as with the above diagnosis, I was scared of not being able to live my active life anymore. So she added relaxing exercises, Yoga Nidra and breathing exercises to calm my mind and relax my body have been of great use as tools to keep the rest of myself supported.

Within a couple of months, the pain subdued, and today, I can ride my motorbike for hours and go snowboarding and kiteboarding again. It feels incredible having my life back. I now know my body better, I am aware of the signs triggered by stress or extended sitting before it’s too severe… plus now thankfully I have tools to take care of it!

I trust Catherine 100%, she is so knowledgeable, and I felt totally comfortable and safe with her.”

— Antony Haylock

Prices & Packages

Single Session


1 hour live zoom session
Tailored to your needs

In person session:

I am located in East London.
I can travel to your home, depending where,
additional cost might be added (£20/30min).

4 sessions package

valid for 3 months


4 x 1 hour live stream zoom session
Email support between sessions
Tailored to your needs
Catherine Haylock Yoga

Get to know me

I look back over more than 20 years of yoga teaching experience in all its forms. Through the yogic tools of asanas (posture), pranayama (breathing), meditation, mindfulness and knowledge/wisdom, we can learn, heal, grow and evolve. Yoga can help you on every level, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and it increases resilience and you can find clarity.

Additional to my extensive yoga trainings, I am also a fully qualified yoga therapist. Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process for people with health challenges, like mental disturbances, recovering from surgery, pain management, illnesses.

We are all different and are on a unique path. Our sessions together are all designed around your personal needs. No matter if it’s to deepen your experience of yoga, improve asana techniques, get stronger or healing.

Yoga is my life, and I am excited to share and support you on your path.


Are you looking for a deeper understanding of yoga and your journey? Check out my coaching instead.