Big moments, They don't happen every day

I’m covering in-person Ashtanga Mysore classes in London & Zurich until Spring 2024.

I will take a break from teaching online classes but of course will continue teaching private yoga sessions.


Catherine is an amazing teacher who is both caring and encouraging, so we do progress safely and steadily.
Over the past two years of attending her classes, I have gained a lot of strength and mobility, improved my balance, my flexibility, and overall, my confidence in my body as I am now able to do things I didn’t even dare to imagine doing before.
I would recommend her classes to anyone.
Tsanta R.

Catherine’s classes are challenging but also a lot of fun.
Catherine gives each person a lot of attention and individual feedback, she is able to break down seemingly impossible poses into chunks which makes it easier to learn.
Catherine is always encouraging her students to challenge themselves regardless of their level! 
Wendy Chan

Catherine’s classes are both challenging and fun. She breaks the postures down, modifies, explains, and assists you so anyone is able to challenge themselves whatever their level safely and at their own pace.
I have gained strength, mobility, and confidence during her classes as Catherine has encouraged and guided me to achieve more on and off the mat. Thank you Catherine for being our amazing teacher. I love her classes and encourage anyone to try whatever your level everyone is welcome and lots of laughs trying!
Karen Durham