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I’ve been teaching yoga for over twenty years, first in Switzerland and then in London, where I have lived since 2007. I am an authorised level 2 Ashtanga teacher, qualified Yoga Therapist and have a Master’s degree in Indian religion ‘Traditions of Yoga and Meditations’ from SOAS University in London.

Yoga is my life and I love to share these wonderful practices. My teachings are authentic and from the heart. I want students to understand and experience the practice and make it real and practical.

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Ashtanga Yoga teacher SYC authorised Level 2
Yoga Therapist CNHC & C-IAYT registered
Senior teacher with Yoga Alliance UK
Yoga Nidra teacher
MA in ‘Traditions of Yoga and Meditation’ SOAS University

Some of my offers

Course: Yoga for Strength & Balance

In this course I teach advanced asanas, giving the students time to play with them. I give each student personal attention, so even if they are beginners, they can approach these postures in a safe way.

I focus on proper techniques and teach the understanding of the movements and its patterns, in order to access postures safely.

Being pushed out of their comfort zone enables them to observe and work with their mindset during the classes.

We work on improving strength physically and mentally, building up resilience. 

We explore arm balances, like pincha mayurasana and variations, galavasana, bakhasana; backbends working towards drop backs and tic tocs if someone has already a handstand practice.

These are fun and light-hearted classes, where students have time to experiment and try out new postures, overcoming fear and doubt.

This course is open to all levels except complete beginners.

I noramlly teach this course once a week for the duration of 5 weeks.

What students say about this course:

The ‘Yoga for strength & balance’ class is such a joyful experience! One of the most fun yoga classes I have ever attended. Catherine is an amazing teacher who is both caring and encouraging, so we do progress safely and steadily.
Over the past two years of attending this class, I have gained a lot of strength and mobility, improved my balance, my flexibility, and overall, my confidence in my body as I am now able to do things I didn’t even dare to imagine doing before.
I would recommend this class to anyone.
Tsanta R.

Catherine’s strength and balance class is challenging but also a lot of fun.
Catherine gives each person a lot of attention and individual feedback, she is able to break down seemingly impossible poses into chunks which makes it easier to learn.
Catherine is always encouraging her students to challenge themselves regardless of their level! 
Wendy Chan

Catherine’s ‘Yoga for strength and balance class’ is both challenging and fun. We are given the chance to explore more challenging poses you usually don’t have time to attempt during a normal class space.
Catherine breaks the postures down, modifies, explains, and assists you so anyone is able to challenge themselves whatever their level safely and at their own pace.
I have gained strength, mobility, and confidence during the classes as Catherine has encouraged and guided me to achieve more on and off the mat. Thank you Catherine for being our amazing teacher. I love this class and encourage anyone to try it whatever your level everyone is welcome and lots of laughs trying!
Karen Durham

Workshop ideas I can offer


There is more to backbends than just bending your spine backwards. We also need an open mind to go on this adventure.

In this workshop, you will learn the anatomy of your back and all the areas involved. You will understand how to deepen your backbend while staying safe and pain-free.

We use the breath to keep the focus, release tensions physically and emotionally, so your body and mind feel energised.

Let’s open our heart and enjoy!


We will explore how to stand on our head, balance on hands, use our breath to overcome fear of turning our world upside down.

You will learn techniques and improve your strength to feel secure to take your practice a step further and face more challenging postures.

Whether you are currently working on crow, headstand, pincha mayurasana or handstand, there will be something for everyone.

We will explore, try out and find out, and have fun with it!


We will investigate and locate in which yoga postures or movements you are experiencing pain in the knee.

It might be due to tightness and tension in the hips or structure of your knees. Maybe you had previous injuries that need to be addressed, or you are a cyclist or runner and experience knee pain when doing yoga.

After this workshop, you will know how to deal with your knee pain and how to adjust to it. You will take exercises away to help you relieve pain.



Yoga Philosophy is an essential part if you want to deepen your experience of yoga.

Yogic texts and other sources of insight can enrich your life and your experience of yoga. Yoga philosophy works on the mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. The more knowledge we have, the deeper is our experience on the yoga mat and in life.

Patanjali’s interpretation of yoga is all about stilling the mind. We will explore this concept in-depth and how we can add this to our lives.

I have a master degree in ‘Traditions of Yoga and Meditation’ from SOAS University in London, UK.



In this workshop, we will explore thought patterns that don’t serve us anymore.

The use of mindfulness in a strong yoga asana class will unveil ‘negative’ responses within us. We will be able to look at them from a distance and make a conscious decision to not engage with those emotions. This will teach us an approach to unwanted feelings, how we can deal, accept and eventually let go of them.

We learn how we can change our perspective and find tools how to deal with challenges.

Catherine Haylock Yoga


Mysore Style is the traditional practice method of the Ashtanga Yoga.

Each person goes through the set sequence of poses at their own pace. One-to-one assistance and adjustments are given by the teacher within the group context. If you would like to take your ashtanga practice further, then Mysore Style is the next step.


Contact me

Do let me know if you have any questions or need more information or would like to have a chat.

What Yoga studios have to say about me

“Catherine teaches Ashtanga Yoga at our studio. She is highly qualified and brings decades of experience to her teaching. Through her light-hearted and passionate way she makes Ashtanga accessible to beginners and advanced student alike. The students are very happy with her and feel safe. Catherine is very reliable and professional to work with.”

— Animo Yoga, London


“Catherine is highly qualified as a yoga instructor and has an extensive knowledge of yoga. She is highly regarded and respected within the yoga commmunity and our staff.”

— Airyoga Zurich, Switzerland


“Catherine has taught primarily “Ashtanga Yoga” at our studio but she was highly interested and willing in taking over classes with different styles such as “Vinyasa Yoga” and “Hatha Yoga” as a substitute teacher. Catherine has the personal and professional skills to teach from beginners to advanced level. We can highly recommend Catherine as a Yoga Teacher. She is dedicated to Yoga, reliable and feels responsible for her students.”

— Planet Yoga Zurich, Switzerland


“I was very happy with the proficiency of Catherine’s individual teaching style and received positive feedback from the students about Catherine’s teaching. She is a very competent Yoga-practitioner herself and also brings with her the holistic approach, that unfortunately these days is missing a lot of times with many a teacher.
I can warmly recommend her to any Yoga-School or Organization.”

— Pure Yoga Zurich, Switzerland


When I moved to London I opened my own yoga studio Yoga Creation London and run it successfully for eleven years. Various teachers were working for me. Due to the pandemic I closed my studio in November 2020.
I taught daily Ashtanga Mysore Style, weekly strong Vinyasa Yoga classes, Meditation and Yoga Nidra classes, and various workshops.

— Yoga Creation London, UK