A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step


Yoga Therapy is the adaption of yoga practises for any health challenges. By integrating the mind and body, balance can be restored to the physical, physiological and mental/emotional system.
Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process, in which I guide and support you.

I will analyse and address your needs taking into account physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

You will be given a home practice, which will be refined and developed over several sessions if needed.

These practices will become your toolbox, with which you can address the issues in the future shall they arise again.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary.


Before your first yoga therapy session I will email you a questionnaire to gather historical information relevant to your current condition(s). You will be asked about history of medical illness, injury, past and current treatment, medication and supplements you may be taking, and questions about activities of daily living (diet, sleep, activity).

Based on the information you provide on the questionaire and the initial talk, I will assess your movement and breathing patterns, and with your priority concerns, I will develop a short yoga practice for you to do at home.

I will ensure that you know how to do all of the elements of the home practice safely, and I will provide you with a written copy of your practice.

If you book follow-up sessions, I will check in with you about how the practice is working for you. We then start to refine, modify and change the elements of your practice as needed.

Dress in comfortable clothing in which you are able to stretch and move freely.


  • reduce symptoms of illness or injury
  • establish more functional breath and movement patterns
  • reduce physical and mental suffering
  • improve quality of life
  • enhance positive coping strategies
  • respiration issues, like asthma
  • digestive issues, like IBS
  • cardiovascular issues, like blood pressure, heart
  • pain management, like chronicle pain
  • any physical and mental suffering


“Catherine lead me through a series of asanas and breathing exercises to improve my breathing and increase my lung capacity. Over the weeks of teaching and practice I found I was much more aware and in control of how I was breathing. I also found my shoulders, which had been very tight and stiff, were much more free which helps my posture and allows more air in. I’m confident that with practice I can increase my lung capacity, and I look forward to my next check-up.

Catherine was very calm and supportive, and took the time to listen to me and to understand what my problems were. Her knowledge of yoga asana meant she was able to find an alternative posture to suit my needs.

Yoga Nidra for anxiety and difficulty getting to sleep I often suffer from anxiety and I find it hard to get to sleep at night. The Yoga Nidra worked well for me, calming my mind in the evening and helping me to switch off from the day. I could also use the breathing in bed at night to put myself into a more restful state.” – Graham

“Catherine’s sessions were always organised and well planned in terms of their content ; they were tailor made to my situation and needs and beneficial when it came to the exercices to practice.

Catherine was always open, friendly and professional during the sessions + in between 2 sessions to reply to my questions on the practice of the exercices;

I felt she provided me a good ‘toolbox’ which I can use on a daily basis; It has open new doors for me as I am getting interested in yoga, relaxation, meditation and I recommend my friends, colleagues and relative on all the positive effects of yoga!” – Christine

“Working with Catherine, over five Yoga Therapy sessions has been a real boon. It has heightened my awareness of my body, and given me the confidence to redress long standing alignment issues through specific and (mainly) easy exercises. I now have a greater appreciation of the system of yoga, and how all of the elements, including pranayama, bring specific benefits to the body. As Catherine can testify, I have thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to Yoga Nidra but also to standing straighter. Thank you!” – Neni

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