Online Live Course

A Yogi’s Mind

A 12-week live online experience to reduce Stress & Anxiety, learn how to think and approach life like a Yogi.

Think like a Yogi

Raise your energy and put yourself into the driver’s seat of your life. Learn yogic tools to deal with daily challenges, reduce stress and anxiety. Transform negative thoughts to make space to experience more stability, to grow and evolve. Live a fuller life with a Yogic Mind.

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Can you relate?


Have you ever struggled to show up for yourself? In theory, you know how good you would feel practising yoga, doing your meditation, and having a balanced diet, but all you can think of is sinking into the sofa and binge-watching a series. You have no energy left.


Have you been on a retreat or on holidays, coming back with all the good intentions, only to fall back into your old ways within a week – looking forward to your next break.


Do you feel an inner longing, knowing there should be more to your life, but you don’t know where to start, and in order to silence that urge, you find your exit strategies, numbing yourself before this inner turmoil gets too loud.

Let’s create lasting changes once and for all. Think and act like a Yogi.

A yogi stays centred and lives from a place of truth. A yogi overcomes obstacles and conquers the world with love and compassion. A yogi knows what is right and what is wrong, when to act and when to let go. A yogi smiles and aims for a sattvic, blissful life to inspire others.

This course is not a retreat, instead, we grow whilst in the middle of our busy lives. You can immediately implement the knowledge and practices you learn in the lessons, using your daily life as the environment to practise.

The best place to start is amidst the chaos, allowing you to experiment and observe. Change does not happen when we live reclusively, it happens in the now.

A big part of this course is learning yogic concepts – with knowledge comes understanding:
Patanjali’s Sutras
Samkhya yoga
Subtle body

This course is about the mind. You will learn different yogic practices, practical tips & tricks to use during the day.
Guided meditations
Breathing (pranayama)
Self-reflection (svadhyaya)

We are not exploring the source of issues, but we learn to acknowledge the emotion in the now and work from there to let change happen.


Just imagine…

  • You will know what it means to have a mindset of a yogi and be a step closer to your state of bliss.
  • You know how to connect with yourself and act from a place of clarity.
  • You will learn strategies to recognise and overcome obstacles in your life.
  • You will learn how to deal with unwanted emotions.
  • You will learn different meditation and mindfulness practises, pranayamas and work with the subtle body, allowing you to grow and evolve.

This course is full of practical tricks and tools to help you deal with daily challenges.
Increase your resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and experience more stability.

Catherine is a wonderful teacher. Thanks to her support and profound knowledge, I have regained control of my cardiac arrhythmias and shortness of breath, which had robbed me of all energy for months. She has given me valuable tools to rebalance my body and mind on a daily basis. Thanks to her program, I have become more resilient and can handle stressful situations much better. Her uplifting and inspiring classes have made this journey life-changing for me.
Thank you so much for your great work Catherine. I am forever grateful.

Shadia Kolinski

What to expect

This intimate live course will guide you over 5 modules towards clarity within yourself to become authentic and learn to listen to your heart.

We dive into yoga philosophy to understand the workings of our mind and to find a roadmap to find the way to your Self.

You learn practical tools to deal with daily challenges, overcome habits, and reduce stress and anxiety. Become aware of un-serving thoughts, experience more stability, and grow and evolve to live a fuller life.

I don’t want this to be another online course you buy. Instead, I want you to engage with the material. All lessons are live online. It is so important to connect with each other, to know you are supported along your journey. 


Show up for yourself

This module is the foundation for our journey ahead. We set our intention and anchor ourselves to our goals. We explore what showing up for ourselves really means and how it translates into our lives.
We explore where we are at the moment and what is blocking us. We will discover our pitfalls and patterns, which prevent us from taking a breath and allowing us to move forward.
With Yoga nidra and guided meditation practices we start the journey of reflection and discover our beautiful inner world.

Becoming the Observer

This module is dedicated to the yogi’s teachings. We dive into some of Patanjai’s Sutras and look at the concept of Samkhya yoga. When we gain knowledge and start understanding, our path becomes clearer, leaving us with a roadmap to give our practices and actions deeper meanings, helping us cope with our daily lives.
The guided meditation will deepen our journey towards clarity.



Train yourself in mindfulness

You hear the word ‘mindfulness’ everywhere nowadays. We will look in detail at where it comes from and how it relates to our subconsciousness and consciousness. How habits work, and how we can start trusting ourselves to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong for us. When is fear talking, and when do we need to act.
Through a gentle asana (postures) practice, we will explore mindfulness, so we can translate and integrate it into our daily lives.

Learn to deal with unwanted thoughts and emotions

Understanding the connection between the mind and body and how they influence our emotions and thoughts significantly affects how we perceive our obstacles. Once you understand the inner chemistry that triggers old patterns, you can become mindful of them.
We will look at examples from life when we get aggravated, and how we can deal with these situations as yogis. We learn the difference between pausing and acting instead of re-acting.
You will learn easy tricks on how to stay centred in stressful situations.



Raise your energy

Our subtle body plays a significant part in influencing our energy. What exactly is the subtle body, and how can your raise your energy when your environment is sucking everything out of you.
You will learn the energetic body system, and simple breathing practises to raise your energy at any time of the day.

What’s included

6 Live Classes We are coming together fortnightly live online, where I introduce the teaching of the 5 modules and where we do the practices together. In the 6th class, we will reflect on our journey and celebrate!

Fortnightly classes will give you time to practise and implement what you have learned in the previous module before  moving on. Each module is built on the previous one.

Recordings The lessons will be recorded in case you have to miss a class or would like to watch it again.

Recorded Practices The guided meditations will be recorded and available for download.

Workbook You will receive a workbook with details of the modules at the beginning of the course, where you can make notes if you wish.

Meet like-minded people During the course there will be a private online group where you can share if you wish and ask questions.

Q&A sessions, where you can share, discuss and ask questions.

Homework You will learn short guided meditation practices based on self-reflection and mindfulness. I strongly encourage you to do these practices on a daily basis between the modules. 

We study Patanjali’s Sutras, Samkhya Yoga and the subtle body.

I have gained strength, mobility, and confidence in Catherine’s classes. She has encouraged and guided me to achieve more on and off the mat. Thank you, Catherine, for being our amazing teacher. I love her classes and encourage anyone to try them, whatever your level, everyone is welcome.

Karen Durham

About me

Hi, I’m Catherine

I’ve been there. I piled so many ‘shoulds’ on top of each other that I couldn’t keep up and drowned. I developed exit strategies to not be overwhelmed by these intense feelings by distracting and numbing myself for years. And whenever there was a glimpse of peace, my inner world would come roaring up to the surface, and not knowing what to do with it, it dragged me down once more.

My asana practice helped me, giving me a pause to start making order in this chaos. But I needed to bring it all into my consciousness, I needed to understand to deal with it. Meditation and self-reflection, studying yogic texts and their concepts, got me into balance.

I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and done extensive training and education in yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation. I have a master’s degree in ‘The Tradition of Yoga and Meditation’ from SOAS University, and I am always eager to learn more.

Yoga is my life, and I am passionate about passing these wonderful practices on to you. There is no greater reward for me than seeing you change and heal to live a fuller life. I can’t ask for a more beautiful way to connect with people.

I’ve been suffering from chronic pain in my lower back. A motorbike accident left me with no movement without excruciating pain. My only option, from what I was told, was injections and surgery. However, Catherine suggested working with her instead. She helped me understand how to move safely during my daily life, becoming aware of old movement patterns, which added to my chronic pain. I developed a new understanding of my body and a deeper awareness of its responses.

She also worked with me on reducing my stress, as with the above diagnosis, I was scared and anxious about not being able to live my active life anymore.

Within a couple of months, the pain subdued. I am aware of the signs triggered by stress, allowing me to act before it gets bad again. It felt incredible having my life back.

I trust Catherine 100%, she is so knowledgeable, and I felt totally comfortable and safe with her.”

Antony H.