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If you were interested in this practice, that probably means you could use a boost of energy.

As yogis, we strive for a sattvic (balanced, harmonious) life, getting closer to bliss every day. But stumbling and falling off our path is also part of the yogic journey. So energising yourself is a good starting point to hop back on to it again.

As I am guiding you through the practice, what happens behind the scenes is that your focus will narrow, which calms your mind down. Drawing your breath upwards, along the spine, is equivalent to letting your energy flow through the nadis (channels), which lead through our chakras (energy centres), connecting us with the universe, allowing the energy exit through our crown chakra (top of the head).

So give it a go and let prana (life force) energise you!

And if you want to know more about how we can live a yogic life in the 21st century, check out my upcoming ‘A Yogi’s Mind’ online course. Dive deeper into how to free up energy and deal with obstacles and un-serving thoughts ✨.

Enjoy this energising practice, and let the prana lift you up.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing you online, in the course or in a future class.

Thanks for listening.

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A Yogi’s Mind

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Think like a Yogi

Raise your energy and put yourself into the driver’s seat of your life. Learn yogic tools to deal with daily challenges, reduce stress and anxiety. Transform negative thoughts to make space to experience more stability, to grow and evolve. Live a fuller life with a Yogic Mind.

Coming soon

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Hi, I’m Catherine

I’m Swiss and I live in London since 15 years. I started my journey into Meditation and Yoga over 30 years ago. It is my life, and I feel passionate about passing these wonderful practices on to you.

There is no greater reward for me than seeing you change and heal to live a fuller life. I can’t ask for a more beautiful way to connect with people.