Work with me

All my private yoga sessions are built around you, so you get the most out of each session. I will support you to grow beyond your wildest dreams, encouraging you to leave self-doubts behind you, and challenge you along the way.

With one-to-one yoga sessions you will improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness, making the breath and movement come together.

If you suffer physically or mentally, we will work together bringing more peace and understanding into your life.

I look forward to be a part of your yogic journey.

Eka Pada Sirsasana Posture

Private Yoga

in East London & Online

  • When you are new to yoga, a class environment can be intimidating.
  • Studio classes are not convenient for you because of your schedule.
  • Sometimes you want to learn/improve a specific asana (posture).
  • Learn a pranayama/meditation routine to help calming your mind.
  • You deal with injuries, pain or mental disturbances.

This is where I come in. Our private yoga sessions are designed around your needs. With yogic practices, I will help you towards your goal.

Yoga Coaching

This is an opportunity to work intensely on yourself with my expert guidance. As a result, your yoga experience will deepen on every level. I will hold you accountable for your practice and support you on your yogic journey.
You’ll learn what is holding you back and how to get out of your own way. Grow beyond what you thought was possible.

urdhva-mukha pashimatanasana

What my students say

Helping student doing dropback, what they say about working with me.

Catherine is an outstanding yoga teacher. She is warm, focused, knowledgeable and very positive. I would recommend her unreservedly to both novices (like me) and experienced practitioners.”

— George Boulden

Catherine was very calm and supportive, and took the time to listen to me and to understand what my problems were. Her knowledge of yoga asana meant she was able to find an alternative posture to suit my needs. – Graham T.

Catherine’s sessions were always organised and well planned; they were tailor made to my situation and needs and beneficial when it came to the practice. She provided me a good ‘toolbox’ which I can use on a daily basis; It has open new doors for me. – Christine

Catherine helped me understand how to move safely during my daily life, and set myself up for sleep without pain. I became aware of my old movement patterns, which added to my back pain. I developed a new understanding of my body and a deeper awareness of its responses. With gentle yoga exercises, incredibly the pain started to subdue, and I was able to build up strength and mobility to support my lower back. I trust Catherine 100%, she is so knowledgeable, and I felt totally comfortable and safe with her. – Antony H.

Get to know me

I’m originally from Switzerland but have lived in London for 15 years. Yoga is my life, with all its facets. Not only the physical part but meditation, pranayama and philosophy captured my interest more than 30 years ago.

I have done extensive training and education in yoga and call myself an eternal student. I have over 25 years of teaching experience. I am passionate about yoga, as I know how it can change you to live a fuller life.