Should I practise with more than one yoga teacher?

by Catherine Haylock

When I embarked on my yoga journey, I was very fortunate to have found a yoga teacher with a broad knowledge of the different aspects of yoga and who I could trust. It laid the groundwork for me to navigate myself in the yoga world, as a couple years later, I moved away from Switzerland, unable to find a teacher in the West with whom I could connect profoundly. I had to forge my own path, explore practices, approaches and techniques and immerse myself in the world of mind and body.

In hindsight, I realised that having a connection with a teacher would have accelerated my progress, sparing me from a few detours and sidetracks along the way. But the journey I undertook moulded me into the yoga teacher I am today, with a broad knowledge of yoga on and off the mat.

The absence of a consistent teacher forced me to seek knowledge far and wide. And now, as I guide others on their yoga journey, I can draw upon the tapestry of insights.

Multiple Yoga Teachers vs. One Yoga Teacher

When it comes to the world of yoga, having a skilled teacher by your side can truly elevate your practice. Having multiple yoga teachers can also be very beneficial, especially in learning about the different yoga styles and their benefits and finding your style or tradition of yoga.

Practising With Different Yoga Teachers

The magic of having multiple yoga teachers lies in the diversity of learning different yoga styles and perspectives. Each one brings their unique flair, philosophy, and expertise. This opens doors to different yoga traditions and can teach you new aspects of yoga that resonate with you.
You gain access to various techniques and can end up with tools that help you to improve your life. Whether it’s guiding meditation, perfecting alignment, or exploring the breath. When you learn from various teachers, you can pick and choose what interests and serves you best at this moment.

Working with One Yoga Teacher

Having a connection of trust with a yoga teacher who becomes a steadfast presence in your practice has many advantages. With time, they become intimately familiar with your abilities, strengths, and what holds you back. The teacher can tailor the practice to your needs and create a safe space. You will receive support and be held accountable, helping you to stay focused and inspired with your yoga practice. This personalised attention cultivates a sense of security and allows you to grow on and off the mat.

Find Your Balance

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. You can gain different views from multiple teachers and the freedom to explore independently. On the other side, forging a consistent bond with one teacher nurtures trust, personalised guidance, and a deep understanding of their unique teachings. The sweet spot might lies in between the two.